New Beginnings

Well, it’s been awhile! It’s October 2021 and I am currently prepping to release my first single since 2014. If you’ve been keeping up to date you know that back in 2019 I announced I was working on new music to hopefully be released in 2020. I had some big plans! Things don’t always go to plan though.
I’m going to be 100% honest with y’all, because I want you to know what I’m putting into these new songs. I had a rough few years. I had my daughter in 2017 and dealt with post partum depression, but it took me awhile to come to terms with that. 2018 was a year of healing for me, which was amazing. That’s why I felt ready to jump back into music in 2019. I definitely took on way too much too soon though. I quickly lost my inspiration and became frustrated with the whole process. I walked away from music completely for a good bit. Deleted accounts, stopped promoting things, etc. I got a job and tried to move on.
Christmas day 2019 I wrote “Christmastime” when I got a tiny spark of inspiration. I was just so happy and carefree during that time.
2020 was…well, I think you know how that one went! Lockdown was not easy on my soul.
And now we come to this year. I have spent so much time realizing what was blocking my creativity, coming to terms with it, removing those things from my life, and healing. About a month ago I decided it was time to record “Christmastime” so I could share it with everyone. Going through that process gave me a *huge* burst of inspiration. I hadn’t picked up an instrument, sang, or written anything since 2019 because I was honestly terrified that I had lost all capability and the thought just made me sad.
I now realize that removing all these toxic things from my life has given me the ability to return to what I love. I have truly enjoyed the process so much. My daughter sings along to my songs and wants to help with everything. My husband is there to help (if you’ve been around since the early days, you might remember him helping with StageIt shows back when we were engaged!)
With all that said, “Christmastime” will be available on all music platforms November 1, 2021! The music video will also be out on November 8, 2021! I love Christmas and the song is basically about all my favorite holiday season things. The video is full of footage from Christmases past with my little family+lots of winter fun. I’ve had so much fun working on all of it! The cover art for the single is a photo of my grandmother’s Christmas tree from one of my childhood Christmases. Overall, everything about this song is very nostalgic and special to me.
As for new music, I hope to release some songs soon. Definitely in 2021! I don’t want to make any huge promises because (surprise!) I’m due with our second little one in mid-February.
I’m dying to put out new things though! I feel more motivated than ever. I have truly missed making music so much.
For those of you who are still around, thank you for sticking with me! I do have a new insta (@cierakensingtonmusic) and if you click the link in the bio you’ll find plenty of other new links!